French Antique Basket of Great Textures

I cannot leave enough alone. I was rearranging my pretties on my coffee table

and I decided to grab my antique bread basket that I found in France

and fill it with pretties.

A floral arrangement of sorts of many pretties with a wide variety of colors,

faux and natural elements, all to make a French antique basket of great textures.


Velvet Pumpkins-Housepitality Designs

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More Rooms I Not Often Show You

I have been working on a a little project and trying to work it in-between my scheduled activities and a day trip here and there. So that post will have to be next week. But in the meantime, can there be more rooms I not often show you? The answer is yes! Now where shall […]

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Beyond the Doors

They say it is always good to have a second pair of eyes. Eyes that see differently ….. from a different perspective. This is exactly what happened the day of the photo shoot by ShowSpaces Photography. I noticed the photographer kept opening doors. Hmmm, I thought, for more light? The photographer stated that you need […]

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Rooms I Rarely Photograph, the Kitchen and Laundry Room

When the photographer working with the real estate company sent me the photos of what she took of the house, I realized that I rarely photograph several rooms of the house. So today I will present some of the rooms that I rarely photograph, the kitchen and the laundry room. There will be more soon! […]

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Some Fall Inspiration and Origami with Mom

As most of you know, from my blog, and my Instagram, I had the pleasure of spending the past two weeks with my mom. We picked her up two weeks ago from my brother and sister in law’s home in Georgia where she resides in a very large and comfortable “mother-in-law’s” quarters. I decided that […]

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Amazing Fall Inspiration, My Mom, and a Giveaway

Wow! What a title . . . Amazing Fall Inspiration, My Mom, and a Giveaway. That certainly is a wide range of subjects today. But let’s start with the Number One subject, My Mom. She is visiting me for the next two weeks. So I may be a bit absent next week while I spend […]

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My Fall Home Tour

Fall is definitely creeping in a bit in my part of the country. We have cooler temps . . . well, cooler to me means it is not in the 90’s . . . and I can see some slight changes in the color of the leaves on some trees. That being said, it is […]

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First Impressions {Velvet Pumpkins}

They say that first impressions are important. The curb appeal of your home is definitely a first impression of your property. A beautiful door can also be the first impression of your personality. A yellow door of happiness, a purple door of creativeness . . . When you enter through the doors of a home, […]

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The Backyard and Porches

An area of the house that I rarely show is the rear view of the house and the backyard and porches. Recently we put our home on the market. The realtor’s photographer came over last week and took about 100 photos.

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Fall Porch Gone “Plum Crazy”

I have really been attracted to the beautiful Berry colors this Fall. The shades of purple and plum have been seen throughout the house for Fall this year. It was fitting that I go “plum crazy” on the porch too.

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