My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers and a Great Giveaway

Hello friends!

If you do not already know her, I want to introduce you to my friend Kelly.

I am doing cartwheels across the floor (yes, I can still do them!)

as I am so excited that Kelly has written a beautiful book on one of her passions . . flowers!

So today, I present, My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers and a Great Giveaway!


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Can you have too much blue and white?

The other day I was strolling through my favorite consignment store, Always Home, with some friends and I spotted something. It caught my eye right away and I scurried over to it as it sat so beautifully on a table. I then thought to myself . . . Can you have too much blue and […]

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Do you have a designated coffee station or room?

Do you have a designated coffee station or room? I do. I have a room. Well that room is my coffee room a.k.a. butler’s pantry. I used to have many vintage Maxwell House Coffee Memorabilia on the counter of this room. I have recently packed many of these items away, which included an un-opened Maxwell […]

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Guest Room Refresh

While I was eliminating a few large items in the Guest Room, and doing some general de-cluttering and staging. I could not help but think if I should refresh the room with Summer decor? Or should I just do a Guest Room Refresh? Refresh I did.  When packing up some pillows, I kept a pillow […]

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Master Bathroom Changes

Lately these days, I often think about how great it does feel to de-clutter and asking myself, “do I really need this?” These past few days, I have been working on closets and linen closets. Each bathroom, with the exception of the powder rooms, have linen closets. It seemed as though if I was unsure […]

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Summer Porch of Cool Blues and White

Hope you all had a most wonderful 4th of July, celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day. We had a great day of celebration with friends. Today I present to you my upper Summer Porch of Cool Blues and White. Yes, the porch got a little bit of de-cluttering and staging too, keeping the space pretty and […]

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You’re A Grand ‘Ole Flag

As the 4th of July, Independence Day, approaches, I am always reminded of my childhood. Of sparklers and firecrackers. Of sitting on top of the hood of my parents car watching fireworks at the park. But most of all, I am reminded of songs. Songs of patriotism that my dad would sing. Oh he loved […]

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Dining Room Changes

I guess you can say that every room in this house is going through a change in that there is a room with less. Less items to create a more spacious feel and then there is the more . . . taking things away means more to pack away. Speaking of less, I will be […]

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The Lighter Sunroom

By now, most of you know that I have been purging, packing and staging my house. I am methodically moving from one room to another. The Great Room . . . . done! Then on to the Sunroom . . . and I can now say . . . . done! So here is The […]

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Less is More, the Staging Begins

They say less is more. However, I love seeing my pretties about the house. I have been very busy taking small pieces that can be considered “too much” in the room and taking them to the storage unit ….. or should I say the hubby has been taking them to the storage unit. So with […]

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