Hickory Cottage Update Part 3 and Consignment Find

Hello Dear Readers!

Things have been moving along at Hickory Cottage.

That also means that I have been really busy

with so many selections/details for the house.

My main project this week is to do the final selections

for the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

In the meantime, when in the neighborhood,

I visit my fav consignment shop for possible

pieces of furniture that I may need . I am still on the lookout

for a coffee table and some nightstands for my bedroom.

Here is what I found:



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Summer Peaches and Flowers

Hello Dear Readers! Hope you are having a great summer and magnificent Monday. Mondays can truly be magnificent especially when it’s a Monday Morning Blooms Day when I share some fabulous floral inspiration along with my fantastic floral friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam. I am always in awe of their most beautiful and creative floral […]

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Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits

Hello Dear Readers! I am back from a 9 Day whirlwind vacation. We covered lots of sights and states and had a fabulous time. When we returned,  the house had really come along. Our builder is in full steam ahead mode…. so today it’s a Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits. But first […]

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Decorating for Summer with Transferware

Hello Dear Readers! Summer is all about wonderful vacations to the beach or to the mountains for those who prefer the beautiful vistas and fresh mountain air . . .  or your very favorite place to be . . .   perhaps a getaway you travel to every year, or a new adventure to an […]

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Bringing The Outdoors In

Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday and Happy First Day of July! The first Monday of the month means it is a beautiful Monday as I share wonderful floral inspiration along with my amazingly talented Monday Morning Blooms friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam. Our common theme today is garden urns. Their beautiful images and links to […]

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Hickory Cottage Updates

Hello Dear Readers! Things are moving along at the Hickory Cottage . . . yes, we named our house. I shall tell the story later about how I came up with that name. Things are actually moving along faster than I expected and so are the requirements to make decisions that I was not quite […]

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One Thing Leads to Another and a House Update

Hello Dear Readers! Today I have a bit of “this and that.” I have truly been trying to scale down some things around the house, in that,  if I start to pack some things away . . . maybe that means we are closer to getting into the house. Wishful thinking. When I combined three […]

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4th of July Flower Arrangement and Tablescape

Happy Monday Dear Readers! It’s that special Monday when I and my very Merry Monday Morning Blooms friends present our floral creations set in some wonderful settings for your floral inspiration. Today’s common theme is The 4th of July! Come join me along with my very special Flower Friends, Lidy, Mary, and Pam as we […]

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Blue and White and Boxwood

Last week we traveled to Florida to attend our Class Reunion. On the way down we stopped at one of our fav restaurants on our route,   to have lunch. A bonus of this restaurant/inn is that it has a beautiful gift shop too! So usually after I order my meal, I head to the […]

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Flower Arrangements In Vintage French Canning Jars

Hello Dear Readers! Happy June! Where has the time gone? It seems like we have gone from Spring to the warmth of Summer so quickly. Here we are, the first Monday in June and it’s time for another magnificent Monday Morning Blooms! A day when I join my wonderfully talented and most creative Monday Morning […]

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